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2020 Annual Soccer Parent Survey Results

The results of the 2020 Annual Soccer Parent Survey are in!  A big thank you to the over 1233 youth soccer parents from 36 states who took the time to participate.  Below are the results from 2020, and then a side by side comparison to the 2019 results!

This data is a very useful indicator of the State of the Youth Game on many levels. At Soccer Parenting we use it as an indicator of the satisfaction level of parents and the success clubs are having in meeting the needs of players and families.  The survey provides important perspectives on the feelings and perceptions of youth soccer parents related to their child, the coach, the club, and even US Soccer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parents loyalty towards the club has significantly improved over the past year.   The Net Promoter Score (NPS) response (Q6) increased from 21 to 32!   This is fantastic!
  • Parents level of satisfaction related to their needs being met (Q9) and the Soccer Club communication to the parent (Q7) has increased, indicating clubs have responded well to COVID and increased the quality of communication during these stressful times.
  • A parent felt a slightly stronger Sense of Community (Q10) towards the club in 2020 compared to 2019.  We love this at Soccer Parenting because we believe clubs improving Sense of Community outcomes will lead to higher numbers for player retention.
  • There has been a slight uptick in the Quality of the Relationship Between Coach and Player (Q15).  We’ve heard this anecdotally as well from coaches who feel closer to their team after COVID lockdowns and the increased Zoom communications which led to new and engaging interactions.
  • The foundation of our work at Soccer Parenting is related to Establishing Trust in the Coach/Club/Parent/Player relationships.  Great news!!  In 2020, parents trusted their child’s coach more than they did in 2019!!! (Q18)
  • 59% of parents would prefer their child’s coach receive coach education on Interpersonal Skills rather than the Game of Soccer.  (Q21) Importantly, this percentage remained equal between 2019 and 2020 – a strong indicator of the veracity of this data.
  • Interestingly, there was no significant shift in a parent’s perceptions of their child’s love of the game (Q22) or their willingness to train on their own (Q23).  We anticipated these numbers shifting amongst COVID and they did not. 
  • Parents believe players in 2020 were more satisfied with the coaching ability of their coach (Q24) and the coaches interactions with them (Q25) than they were in 2019.
  • Parents were significantly MORE satisfied with the feedback their child received from their coach (Q26) in 2020 compared to the previous year.
  • Parents were slightly more satisfied with the Quality of Refereeing (Q33) in 2020 compared to 2019!
  • Parents are SIGNIFICANTLY more satisfied with U.S. Soccer and their leadership over soccer in America (Q34).  
  • Parents in 2020 felt SIGNIFICANTLY more equipped to support their child in soccer (Q35) than they did in 2019.

2020 Survey Results

2020 to 2019 Comparison



About the Author Skye Eddy Bruce

Founder, SoccerParenting.com Skye is a former All-American goalkeeper, professional player and collegiate coach. She holds her USSF “B” License and USSF National Goalkeeper License and is an active youth coach, soccer parent and coach educator.

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