2023 Annual Soccer Parent Survey Report!

2023 Soccer Parent Survey Report Download:

2023 Soccer Parent Survey Summary:

The results of the 2023 Annual Soccer Parent Survey are in!  A big thank you to the 1,074 youth soccer parents from 32 states who took the time to participate this year.

We are taking the survey report in a new direction this year in an effort to make the content as easy to digest and share as possible. Above, you will find two download links. The first is for the survey report in all its glory. That file is pretty big (38.8 MB). In case that causes any problems, we are also including a compressed version of the file (1.7 MB). The compressed version includes precisely the same content as the larger file but sacrifices some of the image quality in favor of the slimmed-down size.

As members of the Soccer Parenting movement are keenly aware, the annual survey is a big deal for us. We use this data to gauge our progress and map our approach for the year. Here it is in Skye's own words:

"This is our fifth year of the survey, and the information proves to be a useful tool to promote the culture shifting work we aim to accomplish at Soccer Parenting.
Understanding what parents are actively experiencing though their child’s youth soccer experience drives our messaging, content, line up of webinar guests, coach education and club engagement throughout the year. Staying on the cutting edge of awareness is essential to our mission and enables us to align parents, clubs, and coaches around similar goals when it comes to our children’s experience.
We hope you find this information helpful, insightful and that, ultimately, the data drives action on the part of parents and clubs to make youth soccer better."

2023 Soccer Parent Survey Highlights:

  • Last year we projected a normalizing effect coming off the positive bump from the COVID years. With only minor shifts, we are seeing 2023 in line with 2022 and the pre-COVID 2019 results.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) is in line with this idea. 21 is the same number as last year and 2019. Any score above 20 is considered “great” by the originators of NPS, Bain & Co.
  • Overall parent satisfaction with connection to their child’s club has improved over last year. The only “club sentiment” rating that decreased was parent satisfaction with feeling a Sense of Community.
  • Overall, coach satisfaction is trending down. While parent satisfaction with relationship quality remained the same from 2022, satisfaction with game management, sideline behavior, practice environment, and interpersonal skills all decreased slightly.
  • Despite some of these concerning results, parents rated their children’s love of the game at 8.8 out of 10!
  • Concerning children training on their own, parents surveyed indicate there is a 71% likelihood of it happening.
  • In line with the overall decrease in parent satisfaction with their child’s soccer coach, parents similarly decreased ratings of their child’s interactions with the coach.
  • Parents indicate that referees are getting better. While the only other rating in this year’s survey to average less than 7 is parent’s satisfaction with the opposing sideline’s behavior (6.35), parent satisfaction with referees in 2023 (6.66) marked an increase over both 2022 (6.64) and 2019 (6.39).
  • Parents indicate an increased level of satisfaction with their education on how to properly support their child in soccer.

2023 Soccer Parent Survey Conclusions:

  • We continue to do this work because it matters. We believe that change can happen in youth soccer and we are excited by the signals we’re seeing that confirm change is happening.
  • One of those signals is the improving satisfaction level with referees. Parent satisfaction has increased from 2019 to 2022 and again in this year’s survey. Including referees (many of them volunteers) in our discussion of community is critical.
  • We know the work is not done. In particular, we note that clubs and coaches have more work to do when it comes to establishing a Sense of Community on their teams. There are specific steps to take and we have developed content and curriculum to help.
  • While we have made gains or held ground on parents feeling connected to their children’s clubs, we also observe a troubling decrease in the level of trust and connectedness with coaches. Of note, parents rate coaches’ interpersonal skills 7.61 out of 10, but then 60% of parents would choose “interpersonal skills” training for those coaches over “game of soccer” training.
  • Looking at how parents rated themselves, it is interesting, although perhaps not surprising, that parents rate their own sideline behavior much higher than opposing sidelines. Regardless, parent’s overall satisfaction with sideline behavior is in contrast to what we are hearing from many club leaders who tell us sideline behavior is getting worse.
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    Skye Eddy

    Skye is a former All-American goalkeeper, professional player and collegiate coach. She holds her USSF "B" License and USSF National Goalkeeper License and is an active youth coach, soccer parent and coach educator.