Christie Marshall

Christie Marshall is a Sport Psychology Consultant in the Washington, DC area. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from William and Mary and a Master’s degree from Penn State in Exercise and Sport Science, with a concentration in Sport Psychology. For more than 25 years, Christie has worked with athletes of all ages and levels in many sports such as soccer, rugby, basketball, football, rock climbing, ice hockey, figure skating, golf, and gymnastics. She teaches mental skills and ways to apply them for peak performance. Christie also works with injured athletes, helping them use mental tools to best facilitate successful rehabilitation and confident return to play. She assists athletes with concussion as they navigate the challenging mental aspects of recovery from this "invisible" injury. Christie also offers workshops to youth coaches on ways to create an effective talent development environment for their athletes.

At Penn State, Christie developed a "mental playbook" for rugby players. Her research in the area of self-efficacy was published in the Journal of Sports Sciences. An article she wrote on goal setting was published in the Washington Running Report. After graduation, she worked with the Herndon (Virginia) High School boys' basketball team, and led workshops in goal setting at the Art Monk Football Camps.

Christie is known for her ability to design highly effective, customized programs for athletes which enable them to achieve their highest level of performance and perform consistently and with confidence. Her clients appreciate her dedication, sense of humor and ability to pinpoint exactly what is necessary for their continued personal growth and improvement in sport.

Christie was involved in sports in her youth, playing soccer and running track and cross country. She is currently involved in figure skating, and applies mental conditioning tools to her own skill development. As a parent of two athletes, Christie can definitely relate to parents and the challenges they face with sport involvement.

Christie is a professional member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

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