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No Weekend Plans? Try Footgolf

“Mom, I’m bored.”My goalkeeper son and I had arrived in Spain for a two and a half week vacation.  We had flown into Marbella, on the southern Mediterranean coast, to give us a chance to relax

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My Son Has ADHD: What I Want Parents, Coaches and Officials to Understand

If you are the parent or coach of a child with ADHD and would like to join a Soccer Parenting Association working group to develop a Best Practices Guide for Coaches of Children with ADHD based on

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Law of the Game Revisions

In March of this year, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body charged with updating and managing the rules of soccer worldwide, announced several revisions to the Laws of the Game. Coming

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The Build Out Line, Possession Based Soccer and Modifications to the Goal Kick Rule

I have a friend who coaches Extras soccer for AYSO, and who has been through the club process with his oldest daughter.  In spring of last year, I approached my friend for advice in finding a new

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