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The Difference Between Prizes and Points

As an adult, (a real one now) I see that we give young people a lot of mixed messages. I’m guilty of it myself.We tell them to not waste opportunities. To take their goals and dreams seriously. We tell

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How To Survive Your Kid’s Game-Time Injuries

Nothing prepared me for watching my kids get hurt playing sports. Before they became actual athletes on actual teams, they brought me a daily dose of couch-hopping contusions, bookshelf-scaling scratches,

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Webinar Highlights: Survival Guide for Sports Parents

Alan Stein, Jr.Author, The Sideline: Survival Guide for Youth Sports | @AlanSteinJr-Alan Stein, Jr.'s new book is packed with practical advice no matter what level of the game

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Transition: Attacking to Defending with SportsLab360

The modules at SportsLab360 address soccer principles of play and tactical knowledge in a fun, gamified manner that is both engaging and super effective when it comes to practical learning. With 64 interactive

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New Webinar Announced: Survival Guide for Sports Parents

Register now for an informative live webinar that covers some of the most common questions for sports parents. Alan Stein, Jr is the co-author of the new book The Sideline: Survival Guide for

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A Moment of Gratitude for My Son’s Soccer Experiences

On Tuesday I watched my son Davis chase down an opponent, battling to get goal side and prevent a pass, running faster than I ever thought possible. I was so proud of Davis’ intensity, focus and determination

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3 Ways You Win When Your Kid’s Sport Runs Your Life

You may hear that youth sports are bad for kids, families, pets, friends, finances, and free time. But let me tell you who’s cashing in big. Me. Thanks to my kids’ soccer schedules, I can’t spend

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Webinar Highlights: Soccer Resilience

Dr. Brad MillerSoccer ResilienceSkye Eddy BruceFounder, Soccer ParentingAnxiety, specifically performance anxiety, is a real problem for many youth players. The good news is parents can help. Clinical

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New Webinar Announced: Soccer Resilience

In this hour long free webinar we will be joined by Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D. from Soccer Resilience.We will discuss:Increasing the mental fitness of young athletesLetting go of parental soccer

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Oregon Youth Soccer Partners with Soccer Parenting and The Sideline Project

BEAVERTON, OR – The Soccer Parenting Association today announces Oregon YouthSoccer Association as a Sideline Project Partner – all parents, coaches, referees,spectators, and caregivers will be encouraged

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