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Lindsay Hazard on Fueling Young Athletes

Our most recent webinar saw Skye Eddy joined by Sports Nutrition Expert Lindsay Hazard for a discussion on how you, the parents, can fuel your young athletes.

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Here is an extract from the webinar with Lindsay Hazard to give you a "taste" of the what's included!


Let's just talk about hydration and start with that, common mistakes you see people making when it comes to hydration and the correlation between a proper hydration, tell us what that is. And performance.

Lindsay Hazard
Yes. I mean, I guess the biggest mistake I see probably is not hydrating enough or really only paying attention to it the day before a game. And hydration just has a huge impact on performance, but research, the studies that I have read show that two thirds or three quarters of athletes aren't showing up hydrated. And that's a huge disadvantage because your body has to work a lot harder to work, to get that blood out to your muscles if it is dehydrated. So doing something as simple as drinking enough fluid every day can make a huge difference.

Fluid needs vary a lot from individual to individual. It really depends on climate. I live in Dallas, Texas. It is still almost a hundred degrees today. So it is like we are still sweating a lot, losing a lot of water when we're out training, even walking from my car to the house, I start sweating, so it's so different. The place I have most of my athletes start at is taking half their body weight in ounces of fluid per day. And then adding on an additional 20 ounces per hour of training. So if I have a hundred pound athlete, starting with 50 ounces of fluid. And then if they have a two-hour practice, we add an additional 40 ounces. So a total of 90 ounces of fluid there.

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Skye Eddy

Founder, SoccerParenting.com
Skye is a former All-American goalkeeper, professional player and collegiate coach. She holds her USSF "B" License and USSF National Goalkeeper License and is an active youth coach, soccer parent and coach educator.