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Fun is Subjective – Why Finding Fun is Important

So many times I hear from the parents of players of all ages “I just want him/her to have fun.” What is often forgotten is that what is fun for one child may look very different to another.

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Are You Interfering with Your Child’s Youth Soccer Performance?

I had a confrontation with a parent on the sideline recently that really shook me up.This parent was yelling at the kids on the field, at me the coach and was just plain rude. Post game I went to speak

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In Celebration of My Son Being Athletically Average

Today is my son’s 13th birthday. Along with celebrating his birthday – I am celebrating his continued participation in sport.This generation of children is the first generation in over 200 years

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The Powerful Value of the Elusive Youth Soccer Report Card

Imagine how bizarre it would be for your child to go to school an entire year and never bring home a report card. If that were the case, your perception of how they are performing in school and what they

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Rush Youth Soccer Club Interview

Thanks to Rush Soccer for inviting me onto the Rush Soccer Developmental Google Hangout.  Rush Soccer hosts these calls a couple of times a month for their Developmental Coaches.  They

Read More Founder, Skye Eddy Bruce, on Sirius FC with Glenn Crooks

Check out this 13 minute interview with founder Skye Eddy Bruce on Sirius FC with Glenn Crooks where we discuss many things related to parents and soccer such as:The parent-coach relationship

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Youth Soccer with Chris P. of Rush Soccer

I sat down with Chris P. from Rush Soccer to discuss many things “youth soccer” including:His path to his position as a Developmental Technical Director for Rush SoccerHow defining expectations for

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The Exciting Room for Growth in Player and Coaching Development via ODP

I spent the past week coaching at Girls Region I Camp at the University of Rhode Island. If my memory serves me correctly, it was 18 years since my previous visit to Region I Camp as a coach and over

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An Informative Answer to: “What is a Soccer Club?”

What is a soccer club? Who is the club? What does the club do?These are commonly asked questions, and depending on whom you ask you will get a different answer from each person. If you ask a world soccer

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Opportunities to Improve Youth Soccer: Project Parent

This past Tuesday I attended the Project Play Summit in Washington, DC – organized by The Aspen Institute. The Summit, seeking to reimagine sports in America with health and inclusion as core values,

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