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A Soccer Game is Like A Chess Match – Every Position Matters

I had a parent email me last week seeking advice for how to help her 10 year old son deal with the fact that the coach is playing him as a defender, whereas he’s usually played as a forward. It wasn’t

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What In the World Is A 6? U.S. Soccer Numbers – Explained

U.S. Soccer Player Numbering SystemThere were blank stares from many of the soccer players in the group.  You could almost hear them silently begging Coach Brunner, “PLEEEASE, don’t call on me.” 

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When Does Sport Specialization Make Sense?

For years experts have been saying Youth Sports Specialization can lead to burn out, over-use injuries, and potentially the lack of development of the “complete athlete.” So, knowing this, why am I

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4 Real Issues to Consider Before Switching to Birth Year Registration

U.S. Soccer’s recent announcement of the new Player Development Initiatives has, rightly so, garnered a tremendous amount of attention.While a portion of the discussion has been about the technical

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Why We Do This

What a gift I was given a couple of weeks ago! While most parents dropped their kids off for soccer camp – I was fortunate enough to go (and stay) with mine!I decided to return to SoccerPlus Camps to

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Parent and Coach Communication Collaboration

Conversations are constantly happening between the coach and player about the demands of the game, technical adjustments, tactical teaching and more. The majority of conversations do not and should not

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Should My Child Play Up?

A number of parents have contacted me recently with questions about children playing up to their Graduation Year vs. Playing in their Birth Year. It’s a relevant and important subject, and worthy of

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Wrap Both Knees?

What a horrible feeling it is to watch your child limp off the field injured.My daughter has been anticipating the Jefferson Cup Tournament all winter. Her team has been training 4 days a week since January

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Sometimes DIFFERENT is Better

The article I published last week, 6 Reasons Parents Should Not Watch Practice, was republished by SoccerAmerica’s Youth Soccer Insider and widely distributed via Social Media. My intention

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6 Reasons Parents Should NOT Watch Practice

The idea for this article struck me as I sat in my car after dropping off a carpool of girls to practice last week. I was scheduled to drive the carpool both ways and it made sense to stay at the fields

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