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Parent Engagement in Youth Sports with Changing the Game Project

I was thrilled to be a guest John O'Sullivan's Way of Champions Podcast alongside Seth Taylor - basically and hour of three friends sitting around talking parenting and youth sports!!! It was a fun conversation...and

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Chris Gorres on Athletic Development and the Youth Soccer Player

Feedback from our live webinar with Chris Gorres was fantastic!  If you want to listen to the entire webinar you can find it behind the membership wall at the  If

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Attacking Runs in Soccer with SportsLab360

The modules at SportsLab360 address soccer principles of play and tactical knowledge in a fun, gamified manner that is both engaging and super effective when it comes to practical learning. With 64 interactive

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Clubs Winning Culture: Requiring Coach Education for Volunteer Coaches

In our Clubs Winning Culture series we highlight clubs across the country that are doing exceptional work to Make Youth Soccer Better. Learn more below about Casper Soccer Club in Wyoming and their program,

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I Like You As You Are – Feedback For Our Children

I just finished watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, an expose about my childhood friend:  Mr. Rogers.  I remember the feeling of the hard floor under my legs as I sat transfixed to

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Realities and Reflections on Return to Activity

What a couple of months this has been for our youth soccer ecosystem as parents, coaches, clubs, administrators, referees and others connected to the game have collectively and individually established

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Introducing our NEW LOGOS! TA-DA!!!

Today we launch our new Soccer Parenting Association and Soccer Parent Resource Center logos!!  These redesigned logos represent our constant desire to improve our relationships and evolve our messaging

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Fostering A Soccer IQ for Your Child, and You!

The list of tasks required of a youth soccer coach is long: Practice planning, individual player relationships, team culture building, game preparation, parent relationships, tactical periodization, not

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Here We Go Again – DA Shuts Doors and Clubs Scramble for Leagues

Here we go again.The Development Academy shuts down, MLS launches a new boys elite youth league, the Boys ECNL expands, US Youth Soccer announces they are leading the development of a new new Elite Soccer

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An Important Message to Parents as the US Soccer DA Dissolves

This post was updated at 11:00 pm EST on Wednesday April 15With the official announcement of US Soccer dissolving the Development Academy (DA), we face yet another restructuring in our youth soccer landscape

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