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  • “Commitment to Culture” : United Soccer Coaches Launch Campaign
Commitment to Culture

“Commitment to Culture” : United Soccer Coaches Launch Campaign

Last January, at the United Soccer Coaches Convention, I was invited to take part in a one day Summit of coaches from various levels and geographies of the United States.  We were charged with "developing a framework of fundamental beliefs that coaches could collectively support to build a positive soccer playing culture in America."  It was a very thorough process and the result provided the foundation for the "Commitment to Culture" that the United Soccer Coaches announced this week.

As a member of the soccer landscape (parents are welcome to take the pledge as well!), you are invited to "Take the Pledge" in committing to these 7 cornerstones.  You can "Take the Pledge" at the United Soccer Coaches website HERE.

Commitment to Culture Graphic
  • Doesn`t seem like a wekk thought out plan to me. First of all, some of these points are similar to others. Second of all, it doesn`t address the problem of helping players in youth soccer reach the next level. the fun and respectful environment is very good. But this list sounds more like a recreational soccer list to me.
    and ultimately we want players to develop to become professional players not national champions at the youth level. i know teams that won national championships and the best players on these teams is struggling to see playing time at the professional level after 4 years. and it`s just MLS!
    none of these rules addresses coaches creating an environment for players that will help them grow

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    Skye Eddy

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