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Youth Soccer Rankings

The original title of this article was going to be “How Rankings are Ruining Youth Soccer”……and then the past hour happened.I spent an hour of my life navigating between Got Soccer, Top Drawer

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Youth Soccer Needs A CULTURAL SHIFT!

A cultural shift is required when ideas that are neither confronted or debated – ideas which are so engrained in our lives we don’t question them – are wrong.What ideas are accepted as truth in youth

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3 Ways to Relieve Stress following the U.S. Soccer Birth Year Registration Mandates

I’m calling on the wisdom of the ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus in dealing with my stress over the U.S. Soccer Birth Year Age Registration mandates. Epictetus said: “There is only one way

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4 Real Issues to Consider Before Switching to Birth Year Registration

U.S. Soccer’s recent announcement of the new Player Development Initiatives has, rightly so, garnered a tremendous amount of attention.While a portion of the discussion has been about the technical

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In the Interest of Player Development

I am proud to be a Board Member at the Richmond Strikers (Virginia) where in the past 6 months we made a decision to join forces ONLY in the programming for the US Soccer Developmental Academy for boys

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