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Youth Soccer, Specialization and Long Term Athletic Development – What Parents Need to Hear

In this interview I ask:What exactly is Long Term Athletic Development?  What are we talking about when we reference LTAD?What is the connection between LTAD and sport specialization?What is

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Parents Need Education about Minor Injury Treatment

I spent one of the last weeks of my summer working a SoccerPlus Camp at Northfield Mt. Hermon in Massachusetts. It was great to be back in the camp mix for many reasons: Old and new friends on staff,

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When Does Sport Specialization Make Sense?

It’s an accepted fact that Youth Sports Specialization can lead to burn out, over-use injuries, and potentially the lack of development of the “complete athlete.” So, knowing this, why am I allowing

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Should My Child Play Up?

A number of parents have contacted me recently with questions about children playing up to their Graduation Year vs. Playing in their Birth Year. It’s a relevant and important subject, and worthy of

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Wrap Both Knees?

What a horrible feeling it is to watch your child limp off the field injured.My daughter has been anticipating the Jefferson Cup Tournament all winter. Her team has been training 4 days a week since January

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Youth Soccer Concussions: What Part Does Fear Play?

THOUGHTS FROM BEING KICKED IN THE HEADI got kicked in the head a few weeks ago! Yep, my 41 year old self, kicked in the head while coaching our U-14 Boys Academy Goalkeepers. I hopped in goal because we

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