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5 Reasons We Lack Creative Soccer Players: Ways Parents Can Help

It is safe to say that we all know creativity when we see it; whether in a piece of art, in music, writing, or verbal expression.It might also be safe to say that most folks know creativity in sports when

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Youth Soccer is at a Tipping Point

I have spent the past five days in Los Angeles at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (now called United Soccer Coaches) Convention with thousands of soccer coaches seeking knowledge,

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Youth Soccer Spotlight Podcast with Skye Eddy Bruce

I was thrilled to join’s Youth Soccer Spotlight recently.Grab a cup of coffee and have a listen!’s Youth Soccer Spotlight is an exciting and informative journey through the

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Seek an Environment Where Your Child is Being Coached on Thought, Decision Making and Awareness

If my 15 year old child were trying out for a team and was an exceptional player – great on the ball, quick to make decisions, moving off the ball to make the game simple for their teammates, hard working

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Winning vs. Development with Terry Foley

Terry Foley is one of the most winning youth coaches in U.S Youth Soccer.  He has won over 30 State Championships in Virginia and, most importantly, has consistently, over 25 years, developed players

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A Soccer Game is Like A Chess Match – Every Position Matters

I had a parent email me last week seeking advice for how to help her 10 year old son deal with the fact that the coach is playing him as a defender, whereas he’s usually played as a forward. It wasn’t

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What In the World Is A 6? U.S. Soccer Numbers – Explained

There were blank stares from many of the soccer players in the group.  You could almost hear them silently begging Coach Brunner, “PLEEEASE, don’t call on me.”  Some in the group were cautiously

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