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Help Your Child Become a Student of the Game!

Ask any professional soccer player what they wanted to be when they were younger, and they will likely say “a professional soccer player.” And I can almost guarantee that many of them wrote down on

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Kelley Pulisic on Raising an Exceptional Player and Teaching Character Lessons through Soccer

I am honored to make this interview from the 2016 Soccer Parenting Summit available to all parents and coaches.  The Soccer Parenting Summit was a virtual gathering of youth soccer, performance, sport

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Different Youth Soccer Pathways – Paying Attention to Your Child and Your Instincts

In late June I drove from Virginia to drop my son and daughter off for 5 weeks of summer camp on Lake Megunticook in Hope, Maine! Camp Bishopswood is the same camp my brother and I grew up attending.

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Ian Barker on Considerations for Youth Development Models In Such a Large Country

​Ian Barker is the Director of Coaching Education for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.  Ian was my guest on the monthly webinar where he and I discussed

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Talent, Tryouts and Trainers, Oh My! Is Youth Soccer On the Right Path?

It was a big deal!I remember it very plainly.My parents, brothers and I would all sit down with popcorn and watch “The Wizard of Oz.” It was an annual occasion. The movie is definitely a classic but

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Calling All Youth Soccer Clubs in the USA – An Open Letter from USWNT Legend Tiffeny Milbrett

DEAR ANY STATE YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION IN THE USA (and the U.S. SOCCER DA AND ECNL):Thanks for your understanding in my need to reach out and request rule changes and policy formation that will go against

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U.S. Soccer and the ECNL’s Ongoing Battle Over Our Children

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about maintaining perspective as a soccer parent as my city, Richmond, VA and home club, the Richmond Strikers, is hosting the 4 weekend Jefferson Cup Tournament.

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Kelley Pulisic – On the Importance of Free Play

The topic of Free Play comes up over and over again when our top players are interviewed and asked about how they experienced the game as a child. Whether it be pick up on the blacktop, free play times

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Fun is Subjective – Why Finding Fun is Important

So many times I hear from the parents of players of all ages “I just want him/her to have fun.” What is often forgotten is that what is fun for one child may look very different to another.

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