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Things My Mom Never Said to Me

I truly believe nobody accomplishes anything on their own. Success is a combination of individual effort and surrounding yourself with the right people who will influence your life in the correct way.

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When Does Learning and Development Take Place?

My daughter is getting settled at Emerson College in the heart of Boston as a first year student (and athlete). Last weekend, the first weekend for many of the First Years at Emerson (she has been there

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TiPEVO to Power a Nation-Wide Soccer Club Directory

US Youth Soccer recently announced a partnership with TiPEVO - to power a nation-wide club directory that will give parents a voice and also clarity when making soccer decisions for their child.  TiPEVO

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The Role Parents Play in the Motivation of Their Child

The following is an interview with Andrew Ziemer, Director of Soccer for Santa Rosa United. Andrew talks about what taking ownership means, what part the parent plays in their child’s motivation, and

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7 Ways to Support Your Player

Adam Norse is the author of Grow your Potential: A Teenager's Guide to Maximizing Your LifeAs a relatively new parent I now have first-hand knowledge that the theory of parenting is much easier than the

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7 Questions Every Soccer Parent Should Ask

As parents we have a tendency to try and find a solution to help our children.  Our child is struggling in math, so we find a tutor.  Our child gets a cavity so we buy a different toothbrush. 

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4 Tips for Being a Successful Parent Coach

Consider the plight of the parent-coach. Always first to arrive at practices and games and last to leave. Part instructor, part hand-holder, and part sherpa, the parent-coach must contend with not just

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9 Important Roles and Expectations of a Soccer Parent

Adam Norse is the author of Grow your Potential: A Teenager's Guide to Maximizing Your LifeIf you have been around the youth soccer world for any amount of time, you will know that we still have a

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What is Happening to the Idea of Team?

I think I understand the many influences and issues in youth sports better than most. I should. I spend every working moment and beyond immersed in youth sports. My role is not restricted to one specific

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Your Parent Guide to Helping Your Child Be Inspired by the FIFA World Cup

The Women’s World Cup began in Paris on Friday, June 7th with a France-Korea (4-0) match that kicked of 52 games in 9 French host cities, culminating in a July 7 final.Here is a link to the complete

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