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Parents and Players Playing Series with Techne Futbol

Welcome to the Parent & Player Playing Series - Short Videos that show you a fun and engaging soccer exercise to do outside with your child!  Thank you to our friend, Yael Averbuch with Techne

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Webinar Announcement: Adrian Parrish on Supporting the High Performance Player

Adrian Parrish started at FC Cincinnati as the U17 Assistant Coach & Affiliate Program Coordinator, during the early stages at the club he has also set up Discovery Program to help find young talent

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I Like You As You Are – Feedback For Our Children

I just finished watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, an expose about my childhood friend:  Mr. Rogers.  I remember the feeling of the hard floor under my legs as I sat transfixed to

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Realities and Reflections on Return to Activity

What a couple of months this has been for our youth soccer ecosystem as parents, coaches, clubs, administrators, referees and others connected to the game have collectively and individually established

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How’s Your Soccer IQ? Defensive Shifting with SportsLab360

The modules at SportsLab360 address soccer principles of play and tactical knowledge in a fun, gamified manner that is both engaging and super effective when it comes to practical learning. With 64 interactive

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Fostering A Soccer IQ for Your Child, and You!

The list of tasks required of a youth soccer coach is long: Practice planning, individual player relationships, team culture building, game preparation, parent relationships, tactical periodization, not

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Webinar Announcement: Parents and Coaches Collaborating to Support Players with At Home Training

In this free live webinar we will bring together parents, coaches and a Licensed Clinical Counselor to discuss our children and their motivation and inspiration around the game during this COVID-19 crisis. Maintaining

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An Important Message to Parents as the US Soccer DA Dissolves

This post was updated at 11:00 pm EST on Wednesday April 15With the official announcement of US Soccer dissolving the Development Academy (DA), we face yet another restructuring in our youth soccer landscape

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Community Matters: Lessons for Families in Solidarity, Teamwork and Commitment

I have had a lot of conversations this past week with youth soccer club leaders from across the country, doing my best to provide emotional support and clear guidance as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis

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4 Ways to Make Youth Soccer Better from Tony DiCicco and SoccerPlus Camps (via Tom Shields and Beyond Pulse)

Tom Shields and I share a common history as staff members/directors for Tony DiCicco's SoccerPlus Camps.  While Tom and I didn't meet there, or even work together at the same time, the inspiration

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