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Driving is the New Dinner!

I’m not sure who we have to thank for putting The Family Dinner on an Everest-sized pedestal, but I’ve got a club soccer schedule I’d like to show them. Sure, having the whole family sitting

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How To Survive Your Kid’s Game-Time Injuries

Nothing prepared me for watching my kids get hurt playing sports. Before they became actual athletes on actual teams, they brought me a daily dose of couch-hopping contusions, bookshelf-scaling scratches,

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Webinar Highlights: Survival Guide for Sports Parents

Alan Stein, Jr.Author, The Sideline: Survival Guide for Youth Sports | @AlanSteinJr-Alan Stein, Jr.'s new book is packed with practical advice no matter what level of the game

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3 Ways You Win When Your Kid’s Sport Runs Your Life

You may hear that youth sports are bad for kids, families, pets, friends, finances, and free time. But let me tell you who’s cashing in big. Me. Thanks to my kids’ soccer schedules, I can’t spend

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Are Our Children Learning or Performing?

As a new school year began this week I have been especially aware of my son’s learning environment at school. I’ve asked him countless questions about his new teachers and their teaching styles, and

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How Your Kid Wants You to Behave

By: Ellen Lee/MOJOImage: CANVA My daughter’s soccer league called it “Silent Saturday.”On that designated day, we parents were instructed to be quiet. No cheering. No shouting. Just applauding if

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US Youth Soccer announces partnership with Soccer Parenting Association

FRISCO, TX (May 28, 2021) – US Youth Soccer (USYS) is pleased to announce their all-new partnership with the Soccer Parenting Association (Soccer Parenting). Founded by Skye Eddy, Soccer Parenting’s

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Webinar Highlights: Parenting Athletes with Anxiety

Ryan DefibaughMBS Performance Counseling ServicesSkye Eddy BruceFounder, Soccer ParentingWe were recently joined by Ryan Defibaugh, owner of MBS Performance Counseling, and he discussed best

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Webinar Highlights: Importance of Technical Training in Youth Development

Yael Averbuch WestFounder, Techne FutbolGreg SimmondsFounder, Own TouchSkye Eddy BruceFounder, Soccer ParentingWe were joined recently by Yael Averbuch West, Founder of Techne Futbol - and Greg

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It’s Tryout Time: We are Here to Help

It's coming up to Tryout Season in much of the United States and with it comes the inevitable stressful parenting moments when our children are asked to get out of their comfort zone and compete to win

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