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Club Leadership Discussion on COVID-19 Responses – Recording

A sincere thank you to the panelists for this important discussion orchestrated by Soccer Parenting and Beyond Pulse regarding club-wide responses to the COVID-19 issues we are all facing in the youth soccer landscape. We were joined by Tom Shields - Beyond Pulse and Boys Director of STA, Lisa Frates - Executive Director of Bethesda SC, Tom Blencoe - Director of Soccer of Titans Futbol (Sting), Matt Bernard - Program Director of San Juan SC and Candy Brooks - Executive Director of Pride SC.  

This moment is unprecedented.  As club leaders we are being asked to develop new leadership skills and challenged in our daily responses to everyone we interact with. Collaboration amongst club leader peers will help support, guide and empower us in these difficult times.

The conversation, recording below, was divided into 4 key areas:

1.  Club/League Decisions (Tryouts, League Play, etc)

2. Player Interactions

3.  Parent Interactions

4. Coach Relationships/Interactions


One of the key takeaways from the conversation was a need to develop a forum club leaders can continue to share ideas, best practices, and challenges they are facing in a safe and private manner.  With that in mind - we have launched a private facebook group for Club Leaders.  Your membership will need to be approved and verified.

If you are a club leader, please join the Facebook Group!


Thanks for the over 150 club leaders in attendance live at this webinar - the questions, comments and engagement from those watching made this discussion especially valuable.

Learn more about the

Everything you need to help your child be inspired by the game!

A HUGE THANKS to Kelley from STA for taking notes during the conversation and putting this visual together for us to reference.


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Skye Eddy

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