Club Memberships

Affordable Club Memberships are available to the! Provide complete access to our extensive youth soccer education platform to the soccer parents, administrators and coaches at your club or organization for just $750.00 a year.

  • One-on-one onboarding with continued support throughout the year for clubs managed by our Club Operations Managers, who support our club members.
  •  Club receives a unique registration URL, specific to your club for distribution to your membership
  • Press Release and Social Media messages to announce your club membership
  • Logo sharing
  • Access to Member Club Hub complete with easy access downloads to make the most of your membership
  • Ability to publish the Soccer Parent Value Statements on your website
  • Webpage content creation support to highlight the partnership for your club website
  • Quarterly webinar exclusively for club/staff leaders
  • Quarterly coach education webinar

A Club Membership will result in:

  • Improved Club Culture
  • Enriched relationships between coaches and parents
  • Happier, less stressed parents
  • Coaches who are not distracted with unresolved parent issues
  • Parents who more clearly understand, value and appreciate the benefits of a positive youth soccer experience
  • Fewer "Crazy Soccer Parents"
  • Coaches who are receiving important coach education
  • Players who are more inspired

Interested in learning more? Watch this 12 minute video demonstrating the education platform and detailing the benefits of our popular Club Memberships.  IMPORTANT NOTE - the video mentions the cost of the membership is $500.00 - We have recently increased our pricing to $750.00 per year for a club and the video does not yet represent that.

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Rob Marino

Admin. Director & Co-Founder
Next Level Soccer Academy

Here at Next Level Soccer Academy, partnering with Soccer Parenting Association was one of those decisions that was a no-brainer and paid immediate dividends for our Club. We take great pride in our Club Culture and through the wealth of resources available with SPA, we've been able to provide our parents with topical articles, posts, and interviews that reinforce our core values. Thanks to Skye, Kelley and everyone who contributes to SPA for making a difference.

Potomac Soccer is proud to be a part of the Soccer Parenting community. Skye Bruce Eddy and her team have brought to light the conversations that have so long been left unspoken and has become an irreplaceable resource to club leaders, associations and especially the parents that work to do what is best for their children. Their mission to support a more collaborative environment between coach, parent, club, and player is a concept that Potomac Soccer holds in high esteem and by partnering with Soccer Parenting, we can reinforce that to our soccer community.

Laurie Lane

Executive Director

Potomac Soccer Association

Neil McNab Jr.

Executive Director
Rush Union Soccer (Formerly Chiefs FC & Georgia Rush)

Our Partnership with Soccer Parenting has been great for our organization. It has helped us to provide ongoing parent support to enable all of us to successfully navigate the crazy world of youth soccer. By empowering and educating, together we can make youth soccer better!

Fostering a collaborative relationship with players, parents, and coaches is critical for our organization.  The way in which we interact with families impacts our ability to help players develop and is just as important as the skills taught on a soccer field. The resources and insight provided by Soccer Parenting Association empowers our coaches and families to work together to create the optimal environment for players to grow their passion for the game - which is the true measurement of a soccer club's success.

DAmien Corrieri

Executive Director
Ames Soccer, Iowa

Club Members

Our Clubs Members are youth sport industry leaders, setting high standards when it comes to parent engagement and community building.