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Clubs Winning Culture: Chicago Fire DA on Parent Engagement & Education

The Chicago Fire DA is truly setting the standard when it comes to Parent Education and Engagement in their Academy.  In this conversation, Brian Roberts - the Chicago Fire PASS Director - and I talk in detail about the specific education they are providing parents at various age groups and the Sense of Community they are intentionally creating with the alignment in values of coaches, club leaders, players and parents.  My hope is that clubs everywhere will follow the lead and develop age specific programming for their parents.

In the interview, Brian mentions the great work my friends Patrick Ianni and Seth Taylor are doing in this space and references their book - On Frame: Exploring the Depths of Parenting in the World of Youth Soccer -  as a fantastic tool for parents. I too encourage you to buy the book -   LINK TO BOOK HERE.

Enjoy this important conversation with Brian Roberts of the Chicago Fire DA as part of our Clubs Winning Culture Series.

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