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Defending from the Front with SportsLab360

The modules at SportsLab360 address soccer principles of play and tactical knowledge in a fun, gamified manner that is both engaging and super effective when it comes to practical learning. With 64 interactive modules and counting, SportsLab360 is attempting to solve the dilemma we often find with our youth players – players who are developing technical proficiencies but who lack the Soccer IQ they need to be most effective in matches.  Additionally, we also believe parents need to seek some soccer knowledge, and SportsLab360 is a great way for parents to learn as well! and SportsLab360 have partnered to periodically bring you one of their modules here at!  Bonus! - if you're a member at the, you'll have access to up to 3 at a time!  Love these? You can use coupon code SOCCERPARENTS3 at checkout to receive a 20% discount on complete access to their 64 interactive modules and counting at

Have some fun and do this module below on Defending from the Front with your child and challenge one another on the quiz with a creative family bonus for the winner!

Defending from the Front

Description: When we think about defending, we naturally think about defenders. However, which players are often the first to apply defensive pressure on the ball? The attackers! With that understanding, this module will work through a variety of scenarios and will teach attacking players how to defend from the front to best help their team. 

You can receive a 20% discount on complete access to their 64 interactive modules and counting at by using coupon code SOCCERPARENTS3 at checkout.

About the Author Nick Manzoni

Nick Manzoni is the Owner and Founder at SportsLab360, a company he started his senior year of college in 2017. He grew up in Minnesota with a ball at his feet, playing through college at Drake University and eventually moving into the coaching side of the game, now living in Denver, CO. During his senior year of high school, Nick was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that put his life on the line and his soccer career on hold. After treatment and 2 surgeries, rehabilitation to the same level of previous physical ability was far from guaranteed. It was from this realization that SportsLab360 was born - the idea of putting an emphasis on the cognitive and tactical side of the game, training the brain. Since launching the company in 2018, Nick has worked full-time to bring the best possible developmental opportunities to those striving to become smarter soccer players. Through collaboration with some of the brightest minds in the modern game, Nick has created a unique platform that is both engaging and informative for youth soccer players across the US and world. When he's not busy creating new content and working on SportsLab360, Nick enjoys skiing, mountain biking, traveling, and anything that gets the adrenaline going! He plans to continue to work hard to continue to develop SportsLab360 and have a lasting impact on the development of youth soccer players world-wide.

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