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Dr. Jerry Lynch: Reaching Toward Our Potential – Webinar Highlights

We were so fortunate to kick off Gratitude Week 2021 with world-renowned sports psychologist, Dr. Jerry Lynch.

You can watch the full interview on our member site, SoccerParentResourceCenter.com. If you're not a member, click here to grab a free 3-day pass. 

A few of our favorite clips are below.

Pregame Routine To Reach Our Potential

JERRY Lynch:
Kids crave what I'm going to tell you now. They love this exercise. If I get my 10 year old group of soccer athletes in a circle and you ask them to think of three things that they're really grateful for, things they've been given. And you give them a couple of examples, like you're grateful for being able to play on this team and you're grateful for your uniform. You're grateful whatever it is. Because gratefulness, no matter what it's for, is still gratefulness. You ask them, "OK, so you know how you feel right now, your eyes are closed."

Feel grateful. Now just take one breath and on that breath, have that feeling go right to your heart and just hold it there and then say to them, OK, open your eyes. Now, let's go out on the soccer field and let's compete. As a reflection of everything you've been given, let's give to each other on this day our very best and go out there and have fun. 

I think you just you just hit the nail on the head for the car ride to the game.  If that's how we can frame that often stressful time that we have as we're going to the gates of the game and trying not to give them a pregame talk. If instead we can just have a moment of gratitude, I think that could be really powerful. 

JERRY Lynch:
Absolutely. Absolutely. No question about it. 

How 115 Championship Teams Reached Their Potential

JERRY Lynch:
I've been with 115 championship teams. I only tell you that for one reason. I can guarantee you to this day that every one of those teams experienced joy from being grateful. And when they felt joy, they played at a high level. They won 115 championships. And it doesn't mean that you're going to win a championship if you're grateful. It means you're going to be the best version of yourself. And that's all we can ask for. And that's what these kids need to know. You know, they don't need to be champions on the scoreboard. They need to be champions every day, win the day. And these are the ways you could be that way. And it starts with gratefulness. So many people don't realize the power of this value.

Reach Your Potential With More "Best Days"

JERRY Lynch:
Your best days occur when you are most mindful, when you're most aware of what you're doing and how you're doing it and going about doing it. So what we're looking at with intention. It really is a mindful attempt to create. 

To create the best day of our life, to create the masterpiece of our life. Make today your masterpiece and the day is is the canvas and we're the artist and we get we get to create any day that we want. 

In fact, I have a quote here. I just have these things on my desk to remind me every day to be mindful and be intentional. This is an amazing quote that ties right into what I was saying. And that is. 

We as human beings have this amazing capacity. To be reborn at breakfast every day and say to ourselves, oh, this is a new day. Who will I be? 

Looking for More? We have the full interview available at SoccerParentResourceCenter.com. Grab a free 3-day pass here.

Dr. Jerry Lynch is a best-selling author and sports psychologist. His soon to be released book, Competitive Buddha, is available for pre-order at Amazon.com and local booksellers.  Jerry is a coach, mentor and teacher who guides and coaches athletes and parents to explore the meaning and purpose of sport, as a powerful vehicle to help us understand the mental-emotional-spiritual components of the athletic game and how they apply to the bigger game called LIFE. 

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