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The Sideline Project is a free movement to educate level headed parents and coaches about sideline behavior, providing reference points to positively affect your communication and behaviors on the sidelines.

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What is your greatest goal, problem, challenge or frustration with the youth soccer experience of your child?

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Skye has a valuable and diverse background as a professional player, coach, sports organization Board Member, business-person and sports parent which enables her to connect with her audiences in a uniquely empathetic, responsive and engaging manner.

Skye has been an expert guest on the Sirius FM Coaching Academy radio show, podcast, Player Development Project webinar series, JLM Speaks podcast and has been published in Soccer America, SoccerWire, Can't Pass – Can't Play, the Changing the Game Project, KeeperStop and more. She has presented at United Soccer Coaches Conventions, the US Youth Soccer Workshop, many State Soccer Association AGM's, the Ontario Coaches Convention, the Urban Soccer Symposium and was the host for the Soccer Parenting Summit.