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Gift-Giving Guide for Soccer Players

It’s holiday time, and one thing’s for sure: there are as many meaningful and enjoyable gift ideas as there are soccer players. So, why not give the gift that’s worthy of those who play the beautiful game?

Tired of gifts that get used for a week then get thrown in the closet for the next 51 weeks of the year? Consider getting your soccer player something that will both engage them, and potentially change how they interact with the game in a more impactful way.

Additionally, our list of recommendations highlights small, women-owned, and Black-owned businesses. This way, you can make your purchases count this holiday season--both to the players who receive them and the businesses you choose to support!

Ways To Support Good Training Habits

  1. A subscription to an individual training app, such as Techne Futbol. This app, used by players of every level and worldwide, will assist and inspire your players to train at home, track their progress, and compete on Leaderboards. A Techne subscription also comes with a free gear package.

  2. A Duktig Brand product, such as the My Trainer or Trainer DLX. These products help organize, track and motivate players to “Plan To Be Great.”

  3. Mini goals for the backyard or other free space. The best way your players can impact their development is PLAY. Having some small, fold-up goals in your driveway or backyard is fun for both players and friends/family, and a great way to encourage practice. 

  4. Sports recovery equipment like a foam roller or yoga mat. Known to balance training and help prevent injury, you can encourage healthy habits by stocking your home with tools you and your players can use to feel good and stay healthy. These products also easy to use, such as while watching TV.

  5. A fun soccer ball or one that’s great for wear and tear. Every player knows there’s nothing like a brand new soccer ball. These are colorful and unique, and will both be prized by your players and help encourage them to spend time with the ball at their feet.

Ways to Watch and Learn

  1. A subscription to CBS All-Access or Fubo TV. These and other outlets enable your players to watch all the world’s top games, including men’s and women’s Champions League matches. These are just two of several subscription services that provide tons of time watching exciting, high-level soccer--a great education tool for learning about the game.

  2. Motivational or inspirational books, such as The Vision of a Champion or A Beautiful Game. Books like these, or an autobiography from a favorite player, can be hugely impactful on the way players approach the game, and provide a connection to the more universal life themes of sports.

  3. A session with an expert such as a sports psychologist, performance coach, or other similar professional. These specialized sessions can be expensive on a regular basis, but given occasionally as a gift, players can decide if they’d like to continue, or even become motivated to learn some of the necessary tools to continue to develop these areas on their own.

  4. For gamers, FIFA 21 or Football Manager. These fun games are useful for learning about players and teams, as well as to become familiar with tactics and formations. If your players enjoy video and computer games, why not have them learn and improve their soccer while they play them!

Gifts that Include a Philanthropic or Charitable Element

  1. Bootbags. Every five bags this company sells result in the delivery of a pair of cleats to a child in need.

  2. A KLABU mini ball. Get yourself some KLABU gear and support young people in refugee camps in order to play sports and rebuild their lives.

A Soccer Lifestyle Gift

  1. Beat Everybody. Your players will love rocking this bold gear, created by U.S. Women’s National Team stars Alex Morgan, Kelley O’Hara, and Allie Long.

  2. Live Breathe Futbol. With this gift, your players can be true to the spirit of the game, whether on or off the field. Check out their masks in particular, which make current universal mask-wearing a real fashion statement.

This holiday season is celebrated in the face of many challenges, including for soccer players. All the more reason that we recognize and consider unique and meaningful holiday gifts to help continue to foster a love of the game!

About the Author Skye Eddy

Founder, Skye is a former All-American goalkeeper, professional player and collegiate coach. She holds her USSF “B” License and USSF National Goalkeeper License and is an active youth coach, soccer parent and coach educator.

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