Introducing our NEW LOGOS! TA-DA!!!

Today we launch our new Soccer Parenting Association and Soccer Parent Resource Center logos!!  These redesigned logos represent our constant desire to improve our relationships and evolve our messaging - all with the desire to Make Youth Soccer Better.

The story behind the new icon:  

The yellow panel of the ball represents the player and the two blue panels represent the coach and parent working side by side to support the player.  

On the Soccer Parent Resource Center logo, we introduce an additional dark blue panel under the coach and parent – to represent the education platform that supports both the parent and coach!  

A huge thank you to soccer parent Charlie Connell – owner of Punch – the design firm who helped us with this exciting project.  You can learn more about the work Punch does by visiting

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Skye Eddy

Skye is a former All-American goalkeeper, professional player and collegiate coach. She holds her USSF "B" License and USSF National Goalkeeper License and is an active youth coach, soccer parent and coach educator.