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Meet our 10 Soccer Parenting Coach of IMPACT Finalists

Soccer Parenting is excited to announce our first ever award by nomination campaign, the Coach of IMPACT Award, sponsored by TorrX soccer ball pumps. 

We will be announcing one finalist a day May 24 - June 3. Our Grand Prize Winner will be announced at Noon EST on June 5 and will receive $500.00!

This Coach of IMPACT award gives parents the opportunity to anonymously express gratitude to their child's coach by nominating them for an award that will highlight the important work coaches are doing to impact the lives of players and families.

A Coach of Impact is one who follows the Soccer Parenting principles of IMPACT:

Inspires Players

Makes Memories

Parent Engagement 

Athlete Centered

Connection Builder


It is truly an honor to be able to highlight the amazing work each of these coaches are doing.  They are an example for all coaches and we thank them for their dedication to the game, and to our children, families and communities.

Jamie McIntosh

BV United, Minnesota

U10 Girls

What parents had to say about Jamie:

Coach Jamie has forever changed the way I think about coaching and my role as a parent on the sideline.  She has taught us that positively supporting our daughters before, during and after the game will lead the girls to a lifetime of loving sport, and having fun!

Jamie represents everything a youth coach should strive to be, she is energetic, a role model for young women and genuinely cares about her players.  Their  development in life is more important than their on field development.  They have a team journal they write to each other in after every practice/game to further the bond of building stronger character in these young women.  

Jamie is a wonderful coach because she holds the players to high standards, while making them feel like they are all special and important in their own unique individual way.  She teaches the learning process, and how failure can be a valuable part of that process.  There is not a youth player or a parent that would not be impacted by Jamie, and we are lucky to have her!

Jamie's response to the selection:

I am humbled and honored to be recognized as a Coach of IMPACT. I am a proud and passionate partner of parents in my community. Together, we are guiding youth towards developing life skills and character through sports. My vision is to engage with parents to "change youth sports, one sideline at a time". Thank you for validating and encouraging the belief that parental engagement is a key element in a positive player experience.

Jamie McIntosh Bio:

Jamie has her USSF "D" license and has been coaching youth sports for over 10 years. She is a passionate educator and dynamic business leader. She lives in Burnsville Minnesota with her husband and two boys. In her free time, Jamie enjoys distance running, quiet family time, traveling and playing mindless games on her phone.

Allen Bohnert

Sporting Columbus, Ohio

2010 North Boys

What parents had to say about Allen:

Allen is the coach that parents dream of for their child. He's training my son to not only be a very sound technical soccer player but also a great sportsman and respectable young man.  Trainings for U7-U9 often focus on the individual player but Allen always ensures that the boys celebrate as a team and acknowledge the hard work each boy puts in after every training.

Allen's response to the selection:

I am deeply appreciative of being nominated, let alone selected as a finalist, for the Coach of IMPACT award. Successful youth soccer player development inherently requires a triad of factors: 1) a player who wants to learn, grow, and have fun; 2) a coach who rejects the easy path of the Developmental Saboteur and who, instead, is focused on wholistic player development in all four pillars of the game and off the field as well, understanding that growth can and does occur in wins AND in losses and in doing things the right way; and 3) parents who are engaged, supportive, patient, and eager to #trusttheprocess rather than insisting on chasing wins at all costs, particularly at the younger age levels.

I am so blessed to have captured that magic elixir with my current team of 2010 boys, with a group of players and parents who have bought in to my belief that youth soccer development is about more than just the game itself. "Win with class, lose with class, let's go shake some hands."

Allen Bohnert Bio:

Allen has his USSF "C" license  and has been coaching soccer in some capacity, whether club, high school, or college, for over 25 years. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he is an Assistant Federal Public Defender, and where he was proud to help #SaveTheCrew. Allen loves to teach the Game, but finds the Game often teaches him instead.

Larry Young

St. Jude Athletic Association

SAM Soccer, Maryland

What parents had to say about Larry:

Larry Young never played soccer growing up. He got involved in the sport as a coach and athletic director when his children learned to play. Since that time, Larry has coached or directly supported numerous teams at the same time and often year round spanning U10 to U18, boys and girls teams. He ensures each interested child has a chance to play often personally funding their registration fee when he knows the child's family cannot pay (he calls it playing on scholarship). He does everything, sends the emails, registers the teams, procures the uniforms and equipment, coaches several teams, lines the practice field (he even installed field drainage himself). He is selfless and dedicated to all the children of our community. Please recognize this retired Naval officer who has dedicated his post-military career to the betterment of his community through a love of soccer!

Larry Young has been a major part of the athletic community at the basis of St. Jude Regional Catholic School and among parents. He has been coaching for more than ten years, involving many different age groups and sports. He welcomes new student athletes and families onto each team and gets to know each individual for their true self. He always gives great advice and lets each player grow in their talents with more and more confidence.

Mr. Young encourages kids to perform to the best of their abilities because he knows their worth. Every athlete has developed a bond full of trust and friendship with Coach Young. He has truly made an impact of the lives of players and families through his dedication and passion for coaching.

Larry's response to the selection:

I'm humbled. I certainly did not expect anything like this. I'm glad to have the opportunity to be part of young people's lives and to perhaps have a small impact on their own growth and development into young adults. There's nothing like team sports to teach all of us what it means about commitment to others and become part of something greater than our own self-interest.

Larry Young Bio:

Larry has been coaching at St Jude for the past ten years (CYO soccer), and coaching in the Spring SAM league for the past six years - both boys and girls teams. He has five kids - all of whom he has been able to coach. The best part of coaching for him is being able to spend time with his kids and getting to know their friends.

Kaitie Kasperitis

Sting/Titans Soccer,

San Antonio Texas

What parents had to say about Kaitie:

Kaitie is by far the most passionate coach I’ve seen!  Her own soccer career speaks for its self and the girls look up to her because of that!  She is a true inspiration to so many!  She is extremely fair and hold all players accountable which leads all parents and players to trust her.  

She is business when needed and fun when making memories, like our annual soccer tournament scavenger hunt! She values the entire soccer experience!  She values each player and their development by providing feedback throughout the season and typing up a review to let players know how to continue to grow.  

Her heart is in it to win it for each player!  She deserves the recognition!  She also coaches the younger girls who absolutely LOVE HER!  Please select Kaitie Kasperitis for this cool award!❤️

Kaitie's response to the selection:

Receiving this nomination is such an honor! As a former player, I understand the importance of having a role model. And being a young adult, and having young athletes look up to me is such a blessing. I believe in creating a trustworthy environment for players & parents helps the players grow, as they are more comfortable to ask questions and learn, which in my eyes is key for growth & success. I believe in helping young players create memories, grow as athletes & people, and inspire them to follow their dreams. I think parental engagement is key for all of this to happen. 

Having parents who are trusting, supportive, and understanding is vital to growing the players, the environment, and the game. 

By creating a parent-coach relationship, the parents understand & support the coach’s philosophy and can help the players grow. By having that relationship, the parents trust the coach more in the development of the technical & tactical side, as well as a personal level, development as a person, with implementing valuable life lessons.

Kaitie Kasperitis Bio:

Kaitie has her USSF "D" license and played college soccer at St. Mary’s University, in San Antonio, TX.  She has been coaching youth soccer since she was in high school, where she volunteered with her clubs' 3-6 year old players. That's when she figured out how much she enjoyed being around young players, being able to teach them the basic soccer skills, in a fun environment, to help grow them as players and people. Katie is currently the Sting, San Antonio Girls Academy Director as well as the Rising Stars Program Director (4-7yr olds).

Brett O'Brien

DC Stoddert Soccer 

Washington, DC

What parents had to say about Brett:

Brett has coached his team to be gentlemen and fabulous athletes. 

Each season end he gives a personal and often written tribute to each team member highlighting a unique strength/quality they brought to the team. The boys have a collection from the many years of coaching. He inspires through his own behavior and actions, treating all players of his team and the team they are playing with respect, taking off members of his team when they are winning too well, making sure all players get equal and fair play time over 'winning,' etc.

We are very engaged parents, we show up to the games and the rec team has been an anchor and platform for many friendships - we go out with the team for a celebration each season end, we are all totally in the loop and well-informed on schedules. Brett will often organize a scrimmage with parents and kids when there is a weekend off for rec soccer.

Brett knows each member of his team well, he has their utter trust and loyalty and the team is deeply committed to him and to each other. They all play together every lunch hour, and almost all made it to school varsity. He once came to the field  straight off a delayed flight and coached in his suit in pouring rain! Brett is a fabulous coach and human being and role model. 

Brett's response to the selection:

I am surprised and very grateful at being nominated and selected as an IMPACT finalist. Having grown up and through life with soccer myself, I've been thrilled at every opportunity during 16 years of coaching to instill in my players a love of the sport and respect for each other. The commitment, enjoyment and camaraderie that has grown among players and parents alike has been a true joy to see and be part of.

Brett O'Brien Bio:

Brett has coached his two sons' recreational soccer teams for the past 16 years. He has also served as commissioner for multiple rec divisions, and has managed and refereed youth travel teams. An avid soccer player himself, Brett was also part of the USSF's United Bid team that helped the US, Mexico and Canada secure the hosting rights for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Heather Covarrubias

Legends FC

Chino, California

What parents had to say about Heather:

Coach Heather puts so much into her players!  She’s a nurse and will often work nights and drive straight to games the next day to coach her girls.  Her communication with parents is exemplary and every coach should be as professional and honest.  She does great player feedback sessions on paper for players to goal set and teach them to evaluate themselves. 

Heather’s extremely cool under pressure and encourages her players to keep cool heads and be productive and smart in high pressure games.  She respects the refs.  I’ve heard players from other teams tell their parents as I walk by that they love our coach.  That outside recognition is PRICELESS because we already know how amazing she is.  She’s an amazing role model for players and other coaches!

Heather's response to the selection:

I am sincerely honored to be recognized as a finalist for this award. Soccer has been an amazing thing in my life since early childhood, and it's such a pleasure to be able to now foster passion for the game and player development as a Coach. I was fortunate to have impactful coaches and mentors along the way as a player, so I'm grateful to have the opportunity to reciprocate to the next generations of soccer players and their families.

Wherever my players go on their soccer journeys, I hope to impart the importance of self confidence, leadership, accountability, work ethic, ambition and respect that they may carry with them in all aspects of life.

Heather Covarrubias Bio:

Heather has her USSF "E" License and has been coaching club and high school soccer for the past 10 years and sincerely loves the opportunity to teach young athletes the game. Additionally, it is a great privilege for her to get to coach alongside her dad who is also a Legends FC coach and assists on all of her teams. Outside of soccer, she works as a nurse in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit and has a 20 month old son, with a second on the way!

Jake Packard

Utah Blitzz FC

Layton, UT

What parents had to say about Jake:

If you were to read the desired attributes for this award to anyone that has ever been around this coach they would automatically think of Jake Packard.

From day one every time he speaks to "his  kids" he gets down on one knee so he can look them in the eye. He pushes them to accomplish more than they thought possible. You know he is always thinking of the next practice or game because he sends out quotes, songs, or inspirational videos to the boys to try and tap into their heart and soul. Jake teaches them this is what makes amazing players and people on and off the field. He constantly researches ways to try and improve the boys skills and isn't afraid to try new methods.

Jake always thinks of the parents and how to make it easier for us to commit our boys time to the team. He gives his team his heart and in return only wishes each child happiness and success. We are better parents and our children will always be better players and people for having him as our coach. 

Jake's response to the selection:

It's an honor to even be considered for this award in the first place let alone a finalist. I am grateful and humbled by this opportunity. As a coach I try and pass along whatever accolades and credit I get to my parents and my students as they are the ones that make everything possible. Hats off the Soccer Parenting Association for their tireless efforts to move the game forward in the USA. 

Jake Packard Bio:

Jake has his USSF "D" License.  He believes that with an infinite amount of things to learn and fixed amount of time making the most of what is available is so critical as a coach. His number one goal is to create an environment that fosters growth, increases a love for the game and helps kids realize that to be great at anything you need to work hard. If he can help someone develop passion for the game and everything that it stands for, he believes he has done his job. 

Tim Bennett

Sporting Omaha FC

Omaha, NE

What parents had to say about Tim:

In our first meeting with Tim, I was so impressed with how he took the time to ask questions and speak directly with our daughter.  Asking her how she felt and what she loved about playing the game.  He did not talk about the club or his impressive playing/coaching resume he focused on her and how she was feeling that day.  This had never been the case previously with the other teams/clubs we have been involved with.  He took the time to build that trust/connection with our daughter from day 1.  In that first season they went from the 3rd place team in the state to winning the state cup and a regional semi-finalist in his first full season as head coach.  One comment that my U15 daughter made early on after a practice was- "he actually cares about how our day went."

He has been focused on the players and their development and it has shown on and off the field.  This past year (2nd season) we have transitioned to the DA and Coach Bennett has been the technical director/head coach for multiple teams and while it has not been easy he has continued to show courage and professionalism throughout the process. 

Tim's response to the selection:

I am very flattered and humbled to be recognized as a finalist for the Soccer Parenting Coach of IMPACT Award. I am honored to have an opportunity to help shape the future lives of our players through a simple yet beautiful game. Every day I am awed by the collective commitment and desire of our players and parents to the game so to be nominated for this award by parents makes me feel doubly blessed. Thank you!

Tim Bennett Bio:

USSF "B" and United Soccer Coaches "Advanced National"

5 years as Executive Director of Sporting Omaha FC, spent the last year as the Girls Development Academy Director for SOFC

21 years of Division I women’s college coaching experience in the SEC, Pac 12, Big 12, Big Sky and Summit League

24 years of youth soccer coaching experience 

Played Division I soccer at Providence College

Kevin Weidner

Beach United FC

Myrtle Beach, SC

What parents had to say about Kevin:

Coach Kevin has transformed the player experience with BUFC Crush.  He has been unfailingly trustworthy, providing accurate and timely information to families, sharing feedback and evaluations of players with them personally and with their families to enable honest assessments and mentoring for improvement as a collection of coach, player and parent involvement.  He made my daughter's whole year when he sent a text message after the first day of tournament play recently in which he said he was really impressed with her play.  

He has worked to help our children learn that overall conditioning and healthy choices are important to their increasing attainment and skill in soccer. He is inspiring to our kids because he holds them to a high standard, AND he provides the technical support to help them achieve and improve. All of this has been memory making for our team and our daughter as a player on the team.

Coach Kevin is a critical part of leading that collection of IMPACT areas that has made our 1. daughter under his leadership want to excel to elite soccer competition (university-level at least) and beyond and 2. our family look forward to everything soccer!

Kevin's response to the selection:

When I found out I was nominated it truly made my day. I have put in a lot of time, on and off the field for the past 20+ years trying to make players better and ultimately loving the game as much as I do. When I found out there were 175 applications it meant even more to me finding out that I was one of 10 finalists. Regardless, win or lose, my passion and love for this sport will continue for the rest of my life. I look forward to being able to pass on my knowledge to our younger generation and to continue to grow as a coach. Honestly, the most rewarding part of being a coach is to see the players who truly grow and develop a deep passion for the game and to know that I had something to do with that.

Kevin Weidner Bio:

Kevin holds the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma and the NSCAA National Goalkeeping Diploma. He has over 20 years of coaching experience from youth level, high school, college and even the pro level. He is currently the technical director for Beach United Football Club located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Kevin said "Both of my kids play within the club and there is nothing more exciting than to watch them play every weekend. I love that they have the passion for this great sport as much as I do. "

Ken Keen

DC Stoddert

Washington, DC

What parents had to say about Ken:

Ken Keen has been a parent coach for my daughter's recreation soccer team for the last three years.  He has gone above and beyond to coach this team, virtually never missing a game and focused on the girls improving as athletes.  He is able to get the best out of the players, knowing when to push and when to encourage.  It's not easy to be a parent coach, navigating the emotions and politics of other parents. Ken has displayed patience and understanding in ensuring that his coaching focuses on the players and drawing out the best in parent engagement.

These last two years, when Stoddert instituted a rule that parents could not hire a practice coach so our girls could have some practice time to play together, Ken was the only parent who stepped up and volunteered to be the practice coach, despite a demanding job where he travels almost weekly.  He has valiantly managed to keep our players practicing together on a weekly basis given his belief that it was important that our players have a chance to practice and scrimmage together and not simply show up at games.  He holds himself and the players to a high standard but is unfailingly encouraging and focused on building the players' confidence and inspiring them to play hard and bring their best to the field.  

He cares passionately about how each player performs and has a word of encouragement and feedback for the players after each game.  Our players are excited and motivated to play, despite the fact that this is not the main sport for many of our daughters and a few players who play on soccer travel teams still want to play on this team.  I attribute this to Ken's coaching and the spirit he brings to the games and practice.

Ken has on his own time and from his own funds, arranged to award each player with a trophy inscribed with their name after the seasons.  He cares deeply about giving our families and daughters memories of these years on the team that he hired a photographer to take pictures of the girls one season when he realized the parent taking pictures could not make it to the games.  

Ken's response to the selection:

I've been coaching my daughter's soccer team since she was 5 years old every spring and summer. Her soccer games are the highlight of every weekend as it is amazing to watch her and her teammates develop as athletes and leaders on the soccer field.

Check back tomorrow at Noon EST when we announce the next FINALIST!!!

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Skye Eddy

Founder, SoccerParenting.com
Skye is a former All-American goalkeeper, professional player and collegiate coach. She holds her USSF "B" License and USSF National Goalkeeper License and is an active youth coach, soccer parent and coach educator.