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Parent Engagement in Youth Sports with Changing the Game Project

I was thrilled to be a guest John O'Sullivan's Way of Champions Podcast alongside Seth Taylor - basically and hour of three friends sitting around talking parenting and youth sports!!! It was a fun conversation...and one I think you'll enjoy. 

John O'Sullivan is the founder of Changing the Game Project and host of the Way of Champions Podcast.  John has been an influential thought leader in youth sport leadership and has had a big impact on my journey with Soccer Parenting. John is the author of the best selling groundbreaking book, Changing the Game and more recently Every Moment Matters. 

Seth Taylor is a life coach and emotional healer who also focuses on sports parenting and athlete emotional wellbeing.  He is the author of a handful of books - two related specifically to soccer - On Frame and The Coaching Revolution.

(I guess I need to write a book!!!) πŸ™‚

Learn more about the

Everything you need to help your child be inspired by the game!

  • Loved the info on the Way of Champions podcast! Great to see leaders in the field trying to make a difference on the sidelines. Insights into the motivation of parents was really interesting.

    • Thanks, Josh!!! It’s always a lot of fun to chat with John and Seth and I really enjoyed the conversation as well!

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