Parent Engagement

Soccer Parents have a very important role to play in youth soccer. You are extremely influential when it comes to the soccer enjoyment and development of your child and you are instrumental in developing a strong Sense of Community for the team and club.

Parent Engagement is our top priority at Soccer Parenting.

To be 100% clear, Parent Engagement is NOT a call to action for the Crazy Soccer Parents to change.... Parent Engagement is a call to action for all the level-headed parents to get more involved, in the right way.

If you are a soccer parent who is properly engaged, you will:

  • Acknowledge the important role you play in your child's soccer experience.
  • Pledge to learn best practices for sports parenting and player development.
  • Strive to have collaborative relationships with coaches and club leaders.
  • Work to establish a Sense of Community on the team and club.
  • Reference the Soccer Parent Value Statements in your decisions.
  • Do your part to Make Youth Soccer Better.

If you are ready to make parent engagement a priority, visit our GET INVOLVED section and become a member at the today.

In addition to the work we do to actively engage parents individually, we work with our Coach, Club and Organizational Members to develop effective parent engagement programs.