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Soccer Parent Resource Center

A complete soccer parent education platform with videos, courses, interviews, articles and a welcoming community forum.

GoPlay Sports Tours

GoPlay Sports Tours takes club, college and high school teams of all skill levels to excellent venues in Europe and the Americas.  Soccer Parenting worked with GoPlay for their Family Trip to England in 2022 and we rate them five stars!


Raise your Soccer IQ at home and gain an edge over your opponent. SportsLab360 empowers players to learn the game & unleash their full potential.

Sports Bra Project

Provides new sports bras to girls and women in areas where lack of access to this basic piece of equipment can be a barrier to sports participation.

Duktig Brand Planners

A soccer brand committed to helping coaches and players to be more organized, prepared, and professional at every level.

Dan Abrahams' Academy

An online program that provides players, coaches & parents with fast acting and game changing sport psychology techniques.

Techne Futbol

Individual training sessions, progress tracking, rewards and gamification - all to motivate your child to get out there and do some individual training.

DoSo App Download

Learn the most important performance psychology skills needed, and more importantly do daily mindset exercises that help you lock-in those skills.

The ACL Club

Created to tap into the hardest part of ACL recovery. Weekly masterclass to help you through the mental and emotional side of the ACL recovery process.

Our Book Suggestions

Our favorite books, many referenced in our blog articles, to put on your reading list!


RecruitFluency is the ultimate destination for college athletic recruiting, guiding parents and players through the journey.

Soccer Parent Resource Center

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In-depth and informative video interviews from youth soccer and performance experts with the best of intentions.

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Meaningful information covering the 6 Pillars of Soccer Parenting – the Body, Mind, Next Level, Coach/Club, Parent, and Game.


Monthly webinars discussing important and relevant issues so you can help your child thrive!

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Engaging courses providing you with the essential information you need to be a soccer parent today!


Short video interviews for quick support and guidance on compelling topics.


An in-depth look into some of the most pertinent issues you face as a soccer parent.

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Helpful, clear to understand info about tactics, Laws of the Game, terminology, and much more.


A private, member-only forum where you can engage with other level-headed soccer parents!