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Return to Play Phase Tracking by State

Updated August 25, 2020  8:30 PM EDT

An interactive map of Return to Play phases FOR CLUB SOCCER per state in America.  

All content, including text, graphics, images and information, are provided for general informational purposes only. Return to play circumstances related to COVID-19 are changing constantly and, as such, the Soccer Parenting Association makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this information. Medical professionals and/or public health officials should be contacted if you have specific questions about your return to training and competition.

August 25, 2020  8:30 PM EDT

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This map key follows the U.S. Soccer PLAY ON Guidelines for eventual return to play with no COVID restrictions.


This data is open sourced and while verified, accuracy is not guaranteed.

-- Many states having variations between High School sports and Club Sports - this map pertains to Club Sports only.

-- In Washington state restrictions are by county.  There is a mix of phase 1 and phase 2. 

-- In Massachusetts, they are allowing competition amongst teams but have added in some revised Laws of the Game to eliminate contact, throw ins, free kicks and more.

-- Maryland has a mix of situations depending on the counties and various hotspots.  Some areas are playing with social distancing, some are not yet player.

-- Maine will be announcing high school sports last week in August, although soccer is now classified as a high risk sport in Maine - teams are training, but not playing.

-- In Hawaii, Honolulu County is at Phase 0.

-- Idaho is a bit of a mix based on field availability.  Some local municipalities have not opened fields but if the club owns the fields they can use them/train/play.

-- Oregon is country driven.  Some areas are in socially distanced training only, some can participate with masks, and with team only play.

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