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Interview with Chris Panayiotou & Skye Eddy

Rush Youth Soccer Club SoccerParenting.com Interview

Thanks to Rush Soccer for inviting me onto the Rush Soccer Developmental Google Hangout.  Rush Soccer hosts these calls a couple of times a month for their Developmental Coaches.  They are taped and then coaches are able to watch and learn at their convenience.  It’s a fantastic way to provide additional education and programming to youth coaches and something I love about them is the fact that other coaches outside of Rush Soccer are often invited to have a listen.  This is an excellent demonstration of the collaboration that can exist more and more in the youth game as we make the kids and their growth and development the common denominator among the various organizations.

Chris P. hosted the call.  He and I discussed:

  • The importance of parents being aware of what an appropriate environment looks like so they are able to demand such an environment from their coaches and clubs.
  • What parents are looking for when it comes to education and support
  • My advice to parents of novice soccer player
  • Why so many children drop out of soccer at a young age
  • How to find the balance between being an engaged parent, but not over-involved in the youth soccer
  • How we can make FUN the priority for all players, regardless of levels
  • My advice to young coaches or parent coaches without a lot of background in the game
  • Why coaches need to “open the door” to parents who have questions
  • The myth of the parent as the “legendary villain” in youth soccer
  • How coaches can connect with the players so the players feel more connected with the game
  • Coaches communicating with parents in a way that makes sense to a parent
  • Unique ways parents can support their child with the mental side of their game
  • Dan Abrahams and his opinions on parents and the mental side of the game for our children
  • Developing trust in the coach-parent-club relationships
  • A primary reason why parents “club hop”
  • How stressful it can be to have your child on the “second” team
  • Erik Imler of Can’t Pass, Can’t Play and his article on SoccerParenting.com regarding
  • US Soccer’s new Player Developmental Initiatives
  • US Soccer higher level culture and how it trickles all the way down to the youth level

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Skye Eddy

Founder, SoccerParenting.com
Skye is a former All-American goalkeeper, professional player and collegiate coach. She holds her USSF "B" License and USSF National Goalkeeper License and is an active youth coach, soccer parent and coach educator.