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5 Reasons We Lack Creative Soccer Players: Ways Parents Can Help

It is safe to say that we all know creativity when we see it; whether in a piece of art, in music, writing, or verbal expression.It might also be safe to say that most folks know creativity in sports when

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Make Your Own Ball Day – Teaching Our Children Lessons In Social Change through Soccer

The sport of soccer is uniquely positioned, because of it’s global nature, to teach our children to find their place in the world and to understand the power of social change. If you are looking for

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Youth Soccer Needs a Reality Check

Youth soccer is not working and it’s time to start to find solutions and fix the problems!Players deserve a better environment in which they can reap all the life-changing benefits of a youth soccer

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In Celebration of My Son Being Athletically Average

Today is my son’s 13th birthday. Along with celebrating his birthday – I am celebrating his continued participation in sport.This generation of children is the first generation in over 200 years

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An Informative Answer to: “What is a Soccer Club?”

What is a soccer club? Who is the club? What does the club do?These are commonly asked questions, and depending on whom you ask you will get a different answer from each person. If you ask a world soccer

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Youth Soccer Needs A CULTURAL SHIFT!

A cultural shift is required when ideas that are neither confronted or debated – ideas which are so engrained in our lives we don’t question them – are wrong.What ideas are accepted as truth in youth

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Winning vs. Development with Terry Foley

Terry Foley is one of the most winning youth coaches in U.S Youth Soccer.  He has won over 30 State Championships in Virginia and, most importantly, has consistently, over 25 years, developed players

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Sometimes DIFFERENT is Better

The article I published last week, 6 Reasons Parents Should Not Watch Practice, was republished by SoccerAmerica’s Youth Soccer Insider and widely distributed via Social Media. My intention

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