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Youth Sports is a Journey, Not a Destination

COVID. Demonstrations and riots. Divisive politics. Home schooling. Wildfires. Smoke.As a coach for 30 years, and a parent for nearly 15 of those years, I am probably like most

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Picking Up Momentum – United Soccer Coaches Convention Recap

From the very beginning, the culture change we are attempting to accomplish with the Soccer Parenting movement has felt simultaneously exhilarating and overwhelming. Exhilarating because the upside of

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The Importance of Small Sided Soccer Games, Equal Playing Time for All, and Not Forgetting the Late Bloomers!

One of my “must-listen to” Podcasts is from my good friend John O’Sullivan – the Way of Champions.  Each week John interviews experts in sports, coaching , leadership

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3 Important Ways Parents Can Help Improve Youth Soccer

​​​​​​​​​​​I spent the better part of the past month conducting the 21 interviews with youth soccer leaders, experts in leadership, sport psychology, parenting, nutrition, fitness

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Youth Soccer, Train Car Conversations and Being Mindful of the End

One of my favorite soccer memories is, well, not about soccer at all. I consider it a soccer memory though, as the only reason it happened was because of the game.When I was 16 years old

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