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Developing the Right Kind of Winning Mindset

Adam Norse is the author of Grow your Potential: A Teenager's Guide to Maximizing Your LifeOur soccer club in downtown Manhattan has a coaching staff from across the world, reflecting the diversity

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What Should Parents Say When Their Child Is Frustrated With Playing Time?

One of the hardest things to deal with as an athlete – youth to pro – is not getting playing time. Every athlete wants to contribute, wants to feel like they are a part of the accomplishments of the

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The Power of Sport to Transform Lives: Remembering Ennio

It’s amazing to me how often I think of my time playing in Udine, Italy, reminisce about a friendship or experience from that brief time in my life, or find myself smiling as my mind is triggered by

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Make Your Own Ball Day – Teaching Our Children Lessons In Social Change through Soccer

The sport of soccer is uniquely positioned, because of it’s global nature, to teach our children to find their place in the world and to understand the power of social change. If you are looking for

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The Powerful and Remarkable Language of Soccer

I am always absolutely amazed when the winner of a PGA tour event is being interviewed on TV after a round of golf and they can remember the second shot on 7, or the drive they hit on15. I rarely remembered

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Player Development is Not Always About Soccer Development

It’s been a disheartening first half of the year for my child’s team with more losses than wins. As a team, the players have had a perfect excuse for their rough start. Unarguably our best player,

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Why We Do This

What a gift I was given a couple of weeks ago! While most parents dropped their kids off for soccer camp – I was fortunate enough to go (and stay) with mine!I decided to return to SoccerPlus Camps to

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A Master Lesson in Being a Teammate

I am thrilled to welcome Ed McLaughlin, Athletic Director at Virginia Commonwealth University and a parent of 3 elite youth soccer players to SoccerParenting.  Ed’s first article, “Five

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Soccer Tryouts – Stress for Players…and Parents!

Soccer Tryouts.The time of year we sometimes find ourselves lying awake in bed at night stressing over the future of our young soccer player.The time of year we find our hearts beating in our throats as

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