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19 Things All Soccer Parents Must Learn

If you are a youth soccer parent there are some essential things you must learn in order to support your child along their athletic journey.  Gaining knowledge in these 19 areas will help ensure

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Parents Must Feel Empowered to Make Youth Soccer Better

The mission of Soccer Parenting is to Inspire Players by Empowering Parents. While I understand this can be a confusing statement for parents and a potentially objectionable statement for coaches, I was

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Functional Movement & ACL Prevention and Recovery with Chris Gorres

Earlier this week we welcomed Chris Gorres ( to Soccer Parenting for an hour long interview about some important topics for parents to be more aware of:Functional Movement for Injury

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The Importance of Small Sided Soccer Games, Equal Playing Time for All, and Not Forgetting the Late Bloomers!

One of my “must-listen to” Podcasts is from my good friend John O’Sullivan – the Way of Champions.  Each week John interviews experts in sports, coaching , leadership

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Soccer Development: Do You Love Watching Your Kids Play?

I spent a recent Saturday morning on the sidelines at the soccer fields during the Jefferson Cup tournament in Richmond, Virginia. I was distributing marketing materials for Soccer Parenting

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Player Monitoring and Youth Soccer

In this interview I ask:Can you tell us about Player Monitoring and how it can affect our kids?Dr. Toby Brooks discusses:How far player monitoring has come from the initial core temperature and cortisol

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Youth Soccer, Specialization and Long Term Athlete Development – What Parents Need to Hear

In this interview I ask:What exactly is Long Term Athletic Development?  What are we talking about when we reference LTAD?What is the connection between LTAD and sport specialization?What is

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When Does Sport Specialization Make Sense?

For years experts have been saying Youth Sports Specialization can lead to burn out, over-use injuries, and potentially the lack of development of the “complete athlete.” So, knowing this, why am I

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