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7 Questions Every Soccer Parent Should Ask

As parents we have a tendency to try and find a solution to help our children.  Our child is struggling in math, so we find a tutor.  Our child gets a cavity so we buy a different toothbrush. 

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The Secret to Fulfilling Our Potential as a Soccer Nation

One of the slides I often use in presentations to soccer coaches, parents and club directors depicts the various issues/problems/inefficiencies with our youth soccer landscape.  We discuss the power

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Next Up for Parent Engagement – PARENTS Buying Into the Idea!

The United Soccer Coaches Convention took place January 9 to 12 in Chicago. This is likely the 15th convention I have attended over the years beginning in my teens as a demonstrator for Dr. Machnik’s

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Parent Engagement from a Parent and Club Perspective

The Soccer Parenting Association is proud to collaborate with the Players First program from US Club Soccer.  This initiative highlights programs and services available to youth soccer players, clubs

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Youth Soccer Inspires Players When This Happens

Christian Lavers, president of the ECNL used the term: “Collaboration is a force multiplier” recently on a 3four3 podcast interview. While Christian was referencing the collaborative efforts amongst

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7 Ways for Parents to Inspire their Youth Soccer Player

When it comes to youth soccer, the term “parent engagement” needs some clarification. Understandably there is some confusion around this currently popular and trending term.I've heard from parents

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Soccer Leaders Chime In On “Why Parent Engagement is Important”

The term “Parent Engagement” has become a buzzword in youth soccer recently. Clubs are working to develop Parent Engagement Programs and, likewise, parents are being encouraged to get more involved. 

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U.S. Soccer’s Frank Tschan on the Importance of Coaches Engaging Parents

We are in the middle of an exciting revolution in youth soccer. Thankfully, we are progressing from a Wild West environment where each coach operates independently, to having a more Club-Centric approach

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Dear Parents: 8 Ways to Get More Involved

We are all fed up! Crazy Soccer Parents, unrealistic expectations from parents and coaches, some coaches who too often care more about the game than the child, the high cost of soccer participation

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