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Beyond Lollypops and Silent Saturdays – Introducing the Sideline Project

The time has come to move beyond giving parents lollypops and requesting you be silent on a Saturday or Sunday! The Soccer Parenting Association has developed the Sideline Project, an

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Soccer Parent Voices: Sideline Communication

What better way to ensure all young soccer players will thrive than having soccer parents share their experiences with others?  In celebration of the soon-to-be-kicked-off Sideline Project, in

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“I Can Do Better!” Youth Soccer Referees Need Support – Not Harassment.

“Call it both ways!!”“You’re blind!!”“Blow your whistle!!”“Open your eyes!!”“You need glasses!!”Do these phrases sound familiar? They probably do if you’re a referee, or if you’re

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Tom Farrey on the State of Youth Soccer and Sport in America

I am thrilled to be able to bring this interview with Emmy Award winning journalist Tom Farrey to  Tom’s book, Game On, was a catalyst book I read years ago as my

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A Parent’s Guide to Analyzing A Youth Soccer Game

Youth sports are meant to be fun and entertaining; to serve as a foundation for teamwork and managing challenging environments in later years.Unfortunately, the desire to win at all costs and

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5 Reasons We Lack Creative Soccer Players: Ways Parents Can Help

It is safe to say that we all know creativity when we see it; whether in a piece of art, in music, writing, or verbal expression.It might also be safe to say that most folks know creativity in sports when

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Youth Soccer Needs a Reality Check

Youth soccer is not working and it’s time to start to find solutions and fix the problems!Players deserve a better environment in which they can reap all the life-changing benefits of a youth soccer

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Soccer Parent Verbally Abusing Players Is Unacceptable

My daughter arrived home a few minutes ago from a weekend away playing two ECNL games. She walked right into my office with a huge smile on her face. I’m thinking, “Awesome, I can’t wait to

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Are You Interfering with Your Child’s Youth Soccer Performance?

I had a confrontation with a parent on the sideline recently that really shook me up.This parent was yelling at the kids on the field, at me the coach and was just plain rude. Post game I went to speak

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Do You Love Watching Your Kids Play?

I spent a recent Saturday morning on the sidelines at the soccer fields during the Jefferson Cup tournament in Richmond, Virginia. I was distributing marketing materials for Soccer Parenting

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