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An Important Message to Parents as the US Soccer DA Dissolves

This post was updated at 11:00 pm EST on Wednesday April 15With the official announcement of US Soccer dissolving the Development Academy (DA), we face yet another restructuring in our youth soccer landscape

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Size Matters – The Little Athlete’s Perspective

"What can I do to grow?”...my son asks as we drive home from training.“Why?” I respond.“Because everyone is bigger than me and I just want to be their size.”When your child enjoys playing sport,

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Will U.S. Soccer’s early-specialization decree trigger unintended consequences?

This article originally appeared on SoccerWire.com and is republished here with their permission. With the recent news from U.S. Soccer announcing the launch of a Girls Developmental Academy in

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5 Calls to Action for Youth Soccer

We must not measure the development of soccer in the United States simply by the number of people who play soccer, rather, we must measure it by the number of people who love soccer. It is the people

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