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2020 Annual Soccer Parent Survey Results

The results of the 2020 Annual Soccer Parent Survey are in!  A big thank you to the over 1233 youth soccer parents from 36 states who took the time to participate.  Below are the results from

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An Important Message to Parents as the US Soccer DA Dissolves

This post was updated at 11:00 pm EST on Wednesday April 15With the official announcement of US Soccer dissolving the Development Academy (DA), we face yet another restructuring in our youth soccer landscape

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Equal Pay and the Culture that Facilitates Frustration

For years, like so many other aspiring (male and female) coaches and people in the game, I have been hesitant to speak up against the Federation for fear of it affecting my soccer relationships with clubs,

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Kevin Payne on the US Club Soccer Players First program and our Youth Soccer Landscape

When I scheduled this interview with Kevin Payne, the CEO of US Club Soccer, I knew it would be informative for parents and coaches.  I didn't realize just how inspired I would feel at the end of

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The Secret to Fulfilling Our Potential as a Soccer Nation

One of the slides I often use in presentations to soccer coaches, parents and club directors depicts the various issues/problems/inefficiencies with our youth soccer landscape.  We discuss the power

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U.S. Youth Task Force Leadership Council Distributes “Open Letter”

A common theme in the youth soccer landscape this past year since our men failed to qualify for the World Cup has been the lack of collaboration in our youth soccer landscape.  There has been a call

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Remembering Tony DiCicco: A Leader U.S. Soccer Must Emulate

A year ago today the most winning coach in U.S. Soccer history, a soccer legend who positively influenced the lives of thousands and thousands of players, coaches, and fans – Tony DiCicco – left this

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Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse with the Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017

The following press release regarding “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017,” which is new federal legislation signed into law effective Feb. 14, 2018

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Dear National Council: We Are Counting On You.

Dear National Council Voting Members:We are counting on you.Later this week you will choose a new U.S. Soccer President, and with this election comes the possibility for change – real change. We have

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3 Critical Moves Soccer Parents Must Take for US Soccer Reform

On February 8, 2018, at the U.S. Soccer AGM in Orlando, Florida – a new United States Soccer Federation President will be elected. This is an incredibly significant election, at an important crossroads

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