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Will U.S. Soccer’s early-specialization decree trigger unintended consequences?

This article originally appeared on and is republished here with their permission.With the recent news from U.S. Soccer announcing the launch of a Girls Developmental Academy in

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INTRODUCING: Birth Year Headbands!!!

In an effort to add a little levity to the stressful Birth Year Registration Mandates being enacted by US Soccer  –Enter Birth Year Headbands!U.S. Soccer, in their communication about the need for

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5 Calls to Action for Youth Soccer

We must not measure the development of soccer in the United States simply by the number of people who play soccer, rather, we must measure it by the number of people who love soccer. It is the people

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3 Ways to Relieve Stress following the U.S. Soccer Birth Year Registration Mandates

I’m calling on the wisdom of the ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus in dealing with my stress over the U.S. Soccer Birth Year Age Registration mandates. Epictetus said: “There is only one way

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4 Real Issues to Consider Before Switching to Birth Year Registration

U.S. Soccer’s recent announcement of the new Player Development Initiatives has, rightly so, garnered a tremendous amount of attention.While a portion of the discussion has been about the technical

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