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Welcome Tennessee Soccer Coaches and Parents!

I am excited to partner with Tennessee Soccer to provide coaches and parents with support related to improving our youth soccer culture. Below you will find links to:

  • The Sideline Project – a coach facilitated program developed to improve sideline behavior
  • A 1 Day Free Pass to the SoccerParentResourceCenter.com – the youth soccer parent education platform from the Soccer Parenting Association
  • The Soccer Parent Value Statements

The mission of the Soccer Parenting Association is to Inspire Players by Empowering Parents. With that in mind, if there is anything I can do to support your efforts in improving the youth soccer experience of your players, please do not hesitate in reaching out.


Skye Eddy Bruce
Founder, Soccer Parenting Association

The Sideline Project is a coach-facilitated program developed to improve sideline behavior. It's simple to implement and free.

The Sideline Project seeks to:

  • Educate parents and coaches about the different types of sideline communication.
  • Eliminate hostile communication from the sidelines.
  • Support a healthy relationship between coaches and parents by opening the lines of communication and increasing the level of engagement.
  • Help parents be aware of and eliminate distracting communication from the sidelines.

The Sideline Project general steps:

  • Coach registers, watches Educational Video and takes Survey.
  • Coach holds parent meeting to introduce the Sideline Project.
  • Parents register, watch Educational Video and take Survey.
  • Coach sends emails provided by the Sideline Project periodically through the season.
  • Coach communicates prior to each game with a Pre-Game Huddle or Email.
  • The Sideline Project communicates periodically through the season with parents and coaches via email.
  • Parents and coaches take a Post-Project Survey.


Are you a coach who wants to register and gain access to the COACH PORTAL?


Are you a parent who wants to register and gain access to the PARENT PORTAL?

Video for Clubs and Coaches on launching the Sideline Project plus an important discussion about Parent Engagement.

A recording of the Soccer Parenting and Tennessee State Soccer Association Webinar.

The Soccer Parent Resource Center is the Parent Education Platform developed by the Soccer Parenting Association. It's a constantly expanding resource for youth soccer parents when it comes to helping their child thrive. Content is developed around the Body, Mind, Game, Next Level, Coach/Club and Parent. You will find interviews, articles, courses, monthly webinars and a growing community of level headed youth soccer parents! Memberships are provided individually to parents, or to entire clubs.


In-depth and informative video interviews from youth soccer and performance experts with the best of intentions.


Monthly webinars discussing important and relevant issues so you can help your child thrive!


Short video interviews for quick support and guidance on compelling topics.

Soccer Talk

Helpful, clear to understand information about tactics, Laws of the Game, terminology, and much more.

Member-Only Articles

Meaningful information covering the 6 Pillars of Soccer Parenting – Body, Mind, Next Level, Coach/Club, Parent, and Game.

On-Line Courses

Engaging courses providing you with the essential information you need to be a soccer parent today!


An in-depth look into some of the most pertinent issues you face as a soccer parent.


A private, member-only forum where you can engage with other level-headed soccer parents!

Want to check it out?

The Soccer Parent Value Statements

Active Health

We acknowledge the importance of long-term athletic development and we understand that youth soccer participation supports an active lifestyle; the longer children continue to play sports, the more likely they are to be healthy and active adults.

Coach Integrity

We acknowledge the positive impact a coach can make on a child's life, and we commit to holding coaches to a high standard of integrity, professionalism and compassion so our children feel optimistic about their potential, even in the face of defeat.

Life Lessons

We support our children's youth soccer participation because we want them to develop grit, determination, and resiliency while learning the empathy, compassion and solidarity that will make them caring and committed adults.

Soccer Knowledge

We foster our children's love of soccer by seeking to educate ourselves about the Laws, nuances and intricacies of the game.

Love of the Game

We acknowledge that every child has varying levels of athletic potential and we seek to establish an environment where ALL children can play youth soccer because they LOVE TO PLAY, not because they want a college scholarship or a professional contract.

Balanced Outlook

We seek to use a clear perspective when making soccer choices for our children, ensuring the decisions are in the best interest of the child's long-term happiness, contentment and positive attitude.