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Thanks for having such a great webpage. First of all I'm a soccer parent for 2 young soccer kids (7 and 9 year old) and your webpage puts things into a good perspective for parents like me. But besides that I'm a volunteer coach, team manager, and recently joined my club’s board as the competitive program director. We have a great club with excellent professional coaching staff from the but one main thing I see for my role is improving the communications with the parents. And for that all your posts help me there/are a great resource.

C.S. Community Member

Hey Skye,
I recently discovered your blog and website and wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate your articles. I played soccer at Dartmouth College and now have three children (10, 8, and 5) who are getting more and more involved in athletics. I am increasingly discouraged as I see the way that youth sports are going (year-round commitments, early specialization, over involvement and unrealistic expectations of parents, etc.).

I am hoping that the research that is coming out about youth sports will help swing the pendulum back toward a more healthy and positive athletic culture for our children.

Thanks again for your great work!

Cindy Community Member

As a Coach from the UK who annually brings teams over the Atlantic in order to play in Youth Soccer tournaments, there are two things that regularly stand out that myself and my colleagues quite often discuss. One, the standard of officiating is very inconsistent but secondly, and most importantly, is the general knowledge of the game that the parents have. Now, were not saying were experts by any stretch of the imagination, but myself as a well qualified coach and someone who has played at pro-club level in the UK, I honestly am bewildered at the thought process of some of the parents we come across and what they feel acceptable to shout at the side of the field, regularly undermining the coach. This website provides an excellent platform for the development of the knowledge and understanding of the game of soccer. You have so much potential in the US, highlighted by why so many English kids come over to play College Soccer every year. There are aspects of your game that are brilliant and some that you seriously don't value as highly as you should. Read what is on here, embrace it, and put it into practice.

Richard Jones - University Soccer Pathway | U.K

Hi Skye,
I just discovered your website when I was surfing youtube and came across your interviews with Sarah Kate. I want to thank you for creating this forum where parents can access good advice for helping our kids play the beautiful game. In the past, I had been checking out all the soccer forums which tend to be more gossip and rival smack posting than actual good advice. I just watched all of your interviews and feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I especially enjoyed the Skype interviews with Sam Snow. He has such a gentle demeanor that he puts us at ease as he discusses some pretty big issues impacting youth soccer.

JF Community Member

I wanted to tell you how much your work has helped me navigate this crazy yet fun soccer world. I've learned so much and look forward to learning and sharing more.


Hi Skye,
I wanted to send you a note and thank you for the extremely helpful and insightful content you provide on your website. As the father of 10 year old girl soccer player, and admitted novice of the game of soccer, I find great solace reading the vast array of information available on your site. My wife and I are both former college athletes, but neither of us ever played team soccer, so we’re learning "on the fly" so to speak. Our beautiful daughter LOVES the game; I mean she truly loves soccer, and it brings such joy to us both to watch her play. She's become a very good player, and most importantly, she wants to be great and she works at it! With that said, I have used your site for guidance whenever I have questions, or need reassurance that we’re doing what's in her best interest!

Again, thank you for providing all the valuable information! From one parent just trying his best to not screw things up, you have a dedicated and appreciative Dad!

Andy Community Member

After over 20 years in other sports, I can say that what you are doing is the single most important and the single most needed effort that I have seen in soccer.

JS Community Member

I’m thrilled to be a member of Soccer Parenting thanks to my son’s Atlanta-based club, Chiefs FC, who took out a club wide subscription for all families. They are a phenomenal club. My son is learning so much from Chiefs and along with your parenting website, I feel like soccer has become much more enjoyable for our whole family this year.

HC SoccerParentResourceCenter.com Member

So grateful for SP and it’s effort to connect, educate and support the journey of our youth. The topics are relevant and insightful and the speakers/authors are always high quality. I love having this soccer library at my fingertips!


I have been a high school soccer coach in Omaha, Nebraska for 25 years—–can't believe how fast time goes, can hardly write that—and I have also worked as a director of coaching and as a head college coach. As a father of two daughters, both of whom play and love soccer, I have learned a lot from reading your thoughts—-seems we think a lot alike and have many similar ideas about the great game of soccer and parenting.

JC Community Member

I was a soccer coach for 15 years in a club different than we are right now. Lately my son had to play at top level, he is 14 years old so I decided take a seat and watch his skills from the chair. Me as a coach, i do not remember to have canceled any practice for my team, now as a parent I am paying for my kid to be active in soccer and be discipline at a new club but this one cancel too many practices, of course was charged for a full season but they stopped playing for around 4 months. The question is, what should I expect from a soccer club that is so focus in doing business with us and does not respond positively in regards to the lack of training for the already paid time? Or maybe they do and I ignore it.