US Club Players First

Congratulations on being a P1 Licensed Club!  

We are here to help you make an even stronger impact in the lives of the players and their families!  Our mission is to Inspire Players by Empowering Parents. We believe parents, clubs and coaches establishing collaborative relationships is in the best interest of player development. We realize this is some new territory - so we consider ourselves to be your resource for developing a parent engagement plan for your club.

Your P1 License brings you the following benefits from Soccer Parenting:

  • Give us a call! Yes, you got that right!  Have a question about parent engagement or coach education around building stronger connections - consider us a resource!   Skye's mobile number is (804) 467-7041.
  • We've solved the Parent Education dilemma for your club.  As a P1 Licensed Club, access to the for all your parents and coaches is just $475.00 per year (a $25.00 discount).  Of course, education is just one component of engagement, but an important one. If you're interested in learning more about our amazing Parent Education Platform - the - here is a complimentary link (don't share outside your club leadership, please).  Want more information? Please reach out to our Club Operations Manager, Kelley Schmidt, at    
  • A Free Coach Education Webinar:  "Effective Parent Engagement Strategies for Youth Soccer Coaches"  Simply send your coaches to 
  • Coming soon: A Parent Education Webinar.  We will soon be providing access to a parent education webinar developed specifically for P1 Licensed Clubs.
  • We do a free monthly webinar series for parents and coaches.  If you'd like to receive information about this each month so you can inform your parents, be sure to join our mailing list HERE.